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“No More Dirty Days! Here’s A Proven Way To Maintain Your House Perfectly Clean Any Day Of The Week! ─ 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!”
We know your money and time are priceless and you always have better things to do, let Cleaning Dublin Maid Service clean your home to your exact specifications. We are trained, fully insured and bonded professionals. Just call us and see Your home shine within minutes inexpensivly and longer than ever!!! We use Green Seal Certified cleaning products that are safe for you, your family pets and kind to the environment. cleaning services

We know You have more important things to do with your time and energy. Let us handle the cleaning of your home on a regular basis. You will be Amazed of how clean and tidy your house will be in no time. Contact Us now for more information or Request a Quote today and Save Money.


Now Just Check Out What Our Customers Have To Say About Our Cleaning Services...

Testimonial clean has always done an exceptional job cleaning my home.

I have had several other companies in Co Dublin clean my home and we were never satisfied. What else can I say besides... I will recomend Cleaning Dublin Maid Service to anyone who asks. Respectfully,

Patricia Arnolds
Dun Loghaire, Dublin, Ireland

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Unprecedented Guarantee of Satisfaction

"You must be completely satisfied each time we lovingly clean your home or you pay absolutely nothing!"

Cleaning Services in Dublin - Why Hire Our House Cleaning Services?

From the desk of Michael D founder of and Our home cleaning services are one of the best cleaning company here in Dublin. That’s right; I just had to get this off my chest! But hey don’t just take my word for it…take a look what some of our clients have to say about us, we have thousands of happy customers all over Dublin and growing every single day. If you want to become one of them get a free cleaning estimate here.


As soon as we arrive in your home we don’t mess around and cut corners waiting for the time to pass, our cleaners get straight to action attacking all existing dirt and dust and they don’t stop even for a minute until is fully annihilated and you are fully satisfied. See for us this is a win-win business. It has to be, I mean…if people don’t like our cleaning they speak, and sooner or later PUF, we can get out of business quickly. So we are happy only if you are happy. I often say that to our clients.


When you hire our home cleaning services here in Dublin, you specify what you want us to clean. We adjust to your exact needs. You might need the entire place scrubbed, or you might just have specific areas. If you need the entire house cleaned, you just have to specify that and we will start doing that form top do bottom. The house cleaning consist of clean the coverts, appliances and floors in the kitchen, furniture floors and mirrors in the bedrooms, and all surfaces including tiles, shower bath, toilet seat inside out in the bathrooms. For full cleaning checklist click here. These are all common cleaning tasks our cleaners do. Of course you can be much more specific, you just need to tell us if you need anything else like fridge, freezer or oven inside, change bed sheets etc…


Our cleaners do these things in most homes every single day and you can trust them, they are great at it, I can guarantee you that. We don’t have cleaners with less than 4 years of experience and within our company.


Having your house cleaned is a great relief of your daily tasks. This is a great benefit for you, you just relieve the cleaning to our experience cleaners and sit back and relax. Or do the things that really matters to you. Like having fun with your kids or finishing your business tasks. And when we are finished, you can feel great about your house. It will be clean, it will look great and it will smell fresh. You will notice these things as soon as you walk through the door, and you will not regret hiring our home cleaning company. Choose carefully when you hire a company though. Make sure they are experienced, licensed and bonded, and above all, check their background. You don’t want to invite any other stranger in your own home. 


Thank you for stopping by and reading. Have a great day!


Michael D

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